I have a tree. There is a story behind this tree, but that will have to wait for another day. Needless to say, this tree is a bonsai tree. Recently, I had noticed that it was looking rather sickly. Droopy yellow, frail leaves. More importantly a dark, oily and viscous liquid drained out when I watered it. Despite the directions for the tree stating “Water once weekly, and keep in low light.”, my deeper intuition felt something wrong about this strong advice. When I think about plants, I find it intriguing that something in their nature propels them to seek the sunlight; reaching deep down to discover water. So I decided to assist my tree in making some natural changes to its lifestyle. I began by replacing its substrate. At the time this consisted of an unknown substance beneath a film of small pebbles entombing it to the pot; held together by an impossible substance that both allowed water to pass and defied 3 years of water erosion. Upon peeling this off, a considerable amount of effort no less, I found what is only describable as ‘the most unnatural looking substance known to man’. not something I’d imagine a tree wanting to live in. I quickly replaced this with some dirt I dug up from beside a plum tree, a stones throw from my back porch. The rest was quite easy and relied mostly upon a change in diet. As such, I began collecting rainwater. I figured that there can’t be water better than water filtered by the earth; not hesitating to give it a little itself. And then it came down to the red flag factor of the instructions themselves. Low light conditions. How could I deny something that this tree desired? Every day since this realization I make sure my tree gets regular afternoon soaks in the sunshine, sipping up the last remains of sunset. Deep green and seeking, reaching; healthy.

It only makes me wonder: what can I do for myself, that I have done for this tree?