On a whim I decided to join a friend in Seattle’s March Against Monsanto rally, one of countless worldwide events that took place last week. I was feeling a little boisterous after a slew of international victories against the corporation. Some might see these as small triumphs, but for me they are much needed steps in a cultural paradigm shift I ache to see spread like wildfire in communities around the world. There needs to be a real discussion and reconnection with our food process. Addressing Monsanto and creating more sustainable methods of food production seems as likely a place to start as any.All social responsibilities aside, the garden is booming. It has been a refreshingly cool May this year. While it means slow work for Tomatoes, I’ve discovered that Radishes adore the drizzle. After seeing how fast just four of those suckers went from seed to harvest, I laid out an entire army of radishes. It is almost impressive as the bed of Corn stalking towards the sky.

Broccoli don’t seem to find it disagreeable either. This is only my first try, and the leaves are already 16 inches long! I even have the tiniest floret starting to bud as well.

Last year I bought Blueberry bush which never flowered. I am excited to see whole bundles of berries swelling with the rain. I am even more excited to save seed and really get things juicy in the next few years. A few bushes and a Strawberry waterfall?? Yum. If that wasn’t awesome enough, I noticed Lavender began to bloom about the same moment the fragrance found my olfactories. Not a whole lot else compares to Lavender and Tomato fragrantly mixing during Summer.
The Chard is taking shape, while Okra fills out its roots. I was even a bit surprised to notice some rotted Potatoes my neighbor left for me even pushed out some lush sprouts. I may have to put together an impromptu tower to take advantage of this!