One day it dawned on me. My thumbs had turned green. All those years spent playing in the dirt as a child were finally catching up to me. It wasn’t until I watched this TED talk by Ron Finley, that I began to realize what a powerful hobby I was engaging in. As he so eloquently states:

Growing your own food is like printing your own money.

Think about that for a moment. Really think about it.

This first post isn’t going to be about statistics, or politics, or food science or a long winded philosophical exploration of the benefits of organic gardening. It’s just a few photographs to show what I do and hope that it stirs a little itch in your thumbs too.

George, cozy in his cat bunk.

Quick nap before heading out. Lilly keeps watch. Arf!

Little zucchini’s got zapped by an unexpected frost.

Sunflowers in back, broccoli in front. Pollinator flower blend in the pot.

First round of beans.

First round of corn with lavender to keep it company. Carrots establishing in the back.

Red chard sprouting finally!

Little strawberry, hiding from the birds.

Radishes and onions going strong!

Taming the rosemary.

George supervises.

And takes a stretch break.

Back to work! Inspecting the greenhouse for stability.

A garlic clove (front) from my sister’s garden sits warm with a second round of corn and beans.

A tomato plant waits patiently, biding its time.. FOR TERROR.

Second wave of sunflowers.

And then nap time on dog. THE END.