Level up!

You know the drill. You’ve spent a few years establishing a business, devising systems and workflows, worked through pivots, and have begun generating enough revenue to keep things chugging along. Now you want (or need!) to grow, and you keep butting your head against a wall as you are scrambling to put out daily fires… Continue reading Level up!

The tax man cometh

Every year, professionals and freelancers feel the crunch of Tax Time. Without fail, the Freelancer’s Union tax workshop draws the biggest classes, the most discussion, and the most confusion! That’s why I brought in local CPA superstar Teresa Herrin to field the nitty gritty tax questions brought up by Seattle’s finest freelancers. Teresa was a… Continue reading The tax man cometh

Creating client funnels and pipelines

For the last year, I’ve been leading monthly classes for independent workers and professionals in the Seattle area. I decided to start recapping the events, so come back every month to hear what we’ve been doing for Freelancer’s Union Spark: Seattle edition! Freelancer’s Union is a nonprofit based out of NYC that provides insurance and… Continue reading Creating client funnels and pipelines

Creating the New Washington Cannabis Industry pt. 1

I have the pleasant opportunity to be a co-organizer of GrassRoots Hackathon, Seattle’s first cannabis technology hackathon. Day 1 of GrassRoots Hackathon kicked off as entrepreneurs, technology experts, and industry leaders descended on WeWork Seattle to shake hands and discuss the rapidly growing, and changing, cannabis industry in Washington State. You can follow the live coverage… Continue reading Creating the New Washington Cannabis Industry pt. 1