I have the pleasant opportunity to be a co-organizer of GrassRoots Hackathon, Seattle’s first cannabis technology hackathon.

Day 1 of GrassRoots Hackathon kicked off as entrepreneurs, technology experts, and industry leaders descended on WeWork Seattle to shake hands and discuss the rapidly growing, and changing, cannabis industry in Washington State. You can follow the live coverage of our event using #GRH2015.
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Jared Mirsky of Online Marijuana Design, Will Farley of Cannabis Commodities Exchange, and Joe Armes Analytically Correct, longtime leaders in the state’s cannabis industry spoke about their businesses and the current state of the industry.
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Lead organizer of GrassRoots Hackathon Josh McBroom kicked off the event by laying down the rules for a rapid Pitch-Fire session, where attendees had :60 seconds to pitch an innovative idea to the rest of the group.
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Participants rallied behind the best ideas and formed teams to lay the groundwork for the rest of the weekend.
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If you’d like more information find us at: www.grassrootshackathon.com, follow us on Twitter: @hackGrassRoots, or Facebook: fb.com/grh.