Drew Stone’s kind words:


“I have worked with Allen Wills on independent, creative, and civic community development projects for the past 4 years, which cover areas of design, organizational leadership, creative development, and process documentation. It is my pleasure to recommend him as a collaborator and colleague.

Allen’s skill at listening critically to the factors and scope of a project let him see and share a perspective that others might have missed. He has an exacting attention to detail which he effortlessly leverages to the projects in which he is involved.

When collaborating on a creative project, Allen’s guidance is both grand and exacting, which brings the whole-scope of a project to be reflected in the smaller, supporting parts of a project or venture.

With a keen eye to graphic design and photography, Allen helps make suggestions that hit the user’s eye in an attractive and engaging style, for intentional impact designed for maximum meaningful effect.
I plan to collaborate and create with Allen as a colleague for decades to come.

Keep up the great work, Allen!”