Don Sutton’s kind words:


“Beyond these specific engagements and the numerous other ones I know about, the qualities of Allen that I would most highly recommend are his compassion for all God’s creatures, his consummate professionalism, his patience, his listening skills, hispersonal drive to be the best at everything he does, and his uncanny ability to know what’s coming next and what’s called for in such a wide variety of fields. He’ll probably do things for you before you get a chance to ask him to. He looks young but seems so much older/polished/accomplished than his physical age.”

Allen is a masterful chef. I have personally have hired him for a dinner party of 12-14. The dinner was a thank-you gift for some volunteers who worked very hard for me so it had to be very well done. He wanted to meet in person to discuss the particulars and we really were more productive than we would have been over the phone. He took meticulous notes and at times insisted that we do things better than even I had envisioned. He partnered with me, he didn’t just take me literally. Things have to meet a certain standard of quality if he is going to put his name on it. The food was delicious! Possibly the best pumpkin soup I have ever had ever. The guests raved. Everything was perfectly timed right down to the appetizers, drinks, and dessert. Nothing was forgotten. He was everywhere and nowhere. Every detail was attended to. I just got to relax and be taken care of–just one of his specialties.”

I have personally hired Allen to garden the entire grounds of my house, you know it. He pruned. He trimmed. He chopped off the big stuff, and fixated on the fine minutia of the littlest plants and branches. And he told me what he was doing and why it was good for the plants. He showed up when he said he would. He did what he said he would. And never needed further direction beyond our initial calibration conversation. He’s an expert. You would expect nothing less.”

Allen is a professional grade photographer. His eye for detail and the unseen allows his prints to capture moments you wouldn’t have know happened if they weren’t superbly documented after the fact. I have personally hired Allen to photograph the intimate happenings of a 300 person fundraiser event I threw.”

“If you hire Allen and you’re not careful to remember his name you may soon start calling him Alfred even if only in your head. I know I do. Alfred, Batman’s loyal, tireless butler who assists his crime fighting employer as butler, legal guardian, best friend, aide-de-camp, and surrogate father? My only regret in introducing him to you is that reflecting back on his greatness makes me wish I had the budget to keep him all to myself.”

Don Sutton