Working with demanding clients

Seattle has a long history of being a hub for creatives, and has been in the midst of a huge makeover as Silicon Valley has begun to expand into the Emerald City. Seattle and the Puget Sound are a dense mix of urban areas surrounded by beautiful wilderness. Coupled with a robust public transit system, this provides many opportunities for both business and pleasure! In addition to 6200 acres of city parks there is access to wilderness recreational areas within 30m of the city. Continue reading “Working with demanding clients”

Level up!

You know the drill. You’ve spent a few years establishing a business, devising systems and workflows, worked through pivots, and have begun generating enough revenue to keep things chugging along. Now you want (or need!) to grow, and you keep butting your head against a wall as you are scrambling to put out daily fires and stay focused through constant distractions. Luckily I have the perfect remedy, you need to inject some growth and take things to the next level! Luckily, Freelancer’s Union is on your side.

Freelancer’s Union is a nonprofit based out of NYC that provides insurance and educational resources for freelance and independent workers around the country. You can keep up to date on the most current topics and cities provided by Spark here:

Continue reading “Level up!”

Portland, in novelty

I had the honor of being invited to teach entrepreneurship in Portland on behalf of A Social Ignition.

It’s early. A cold fog hugs the lightless air outside, as my bones creak awake. Cold brew, a poor strategic choice. Talk radio gurgles through the falling water of the shower, as steam saunders from between the curtains. My bones loosen just enough to climb into the shower. As my brain defrosts from the kung-fu combo of caffeine, warmth, and the prospect of a novel and exciting adventure. Ideas, and anxiety are rushing through my head. Am I ready? What if I have nothing useful to say? I hope I don’t miss my train. Continue reading “Portland, in novelty”